(I hate photos of myself)

                              (I hate photos of myself)

I founded Atelier Collective when I was 26 to help pay bills while I was launching my first fashion label.  I had one of those brands that won awards and got great press but didn't make a ton of money - but it showed me the world and introduced me to the most amazing people. I wanted to bring these people together because a lot of my friends were in the same boat - super talented, but needed regular work.  So we formed an engine of creativity + innovation to power pop-culture.

Since our first gig in 2006, CEOs + CMOs of some of the world’s leading brands have trusted us to help them innovate. We specialize in creating cultural movements - strategy, creative, content, licensing, and collaborations - for both brands and celebrity talent.  We’re based in LA, but work with partners from all over the world.

We work with all types of brands - from large companies to new startups - and have teams for all levels of budgets.

If you want to create with us, hit us up.  Also you can check out my blog here.  -Andrei Najjar